Private Judge

Private Judging is available in Florida pursuant to Florida Statute Section 44.104, which allows the parties to choose “binding arbitration” or “voluntary trial resolution” by a private judge.

Private judging has several benefits: the parties can agree upon the selection of a  “private judge”, attend private hearings, and protect information from public disclosure,  Unlike binding arbitration, a ruling by a private judge can be appealed. In addition to privacy, flexibility is a key advantage when working with a private judge, who can offer informal communication methods such as phone, e-mail, and online webcam conferencing.  Private judges can preside over trials on complex legal issues and bring the matter to judgment in far less time than a traditional trial at the courthouse, saving the parties time and resources. 

Sandy is available as a Private Judge to devote the time necessary to expeditiously and fairly resolve your matter. When selecting Sandy as a Private Judge or Special Magistrate, you will be appearing before a professional whose reputation for integrity and professionalism is well known. Because Florida law prohibits the use of a private judge in any case in which, there are children’s issues to be decided, Sandy can act instead as a Mediator or a Special Magistrate to move the matter to resolution.

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