Consultant/Expert Witness

Lawyers frequently hire other respected attorneys who have a particular subject matter expertise, to consult with them on a case. Or, a respected attorney may be hired to evaluate and give an expert opinion to the court on a particular legal question.

Before serving as a Florida trial judge for almost 20 years, Sandy’s law practice focused on bankruptcy, commercial, and family law matters. She has written extensively on the intersection of bankruptcy and family law. Sandy also has taught bankruptcy law to family court judges and lawyers and family law to bankruptcy court judges and lawyers

As a trusted legal consultant, Sandy works with attorneys to assist them when they are preparing their cases, including and how to present those matters to the court for the best result.

She knows what judges are listening for and what they need in order to make a fair ruling. She can identify the strongest issues and how to present them in court.

Based upon her experience, both as a practitioner and as a trial judge, she has been qualified as an expert witness to give legal opinions, in civil and family court cases.  Her diligent work ethic and her service to the legal community provide the credibility needed for an expert witness. 

Judge Karlan can guide you through the pitfalls that exist in Family law cases that caneventually lead to contested bankruptcy proceedings. You want Judge Karlan on your side to help you to maximize protecting your client. As an expert witness, she is well respected for her knowledge and her candor with the court by the entire legal community.”  Laura F., family trial lawyer

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