Arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which the parties choose a neutral Arbitrator (decisionmaker) with particular expertise in the subject matter, to conduct hearings in their case, receive and evaluate evidence and make a final decision on the disputed issues.  

The Arbitrator’s decision is binding in most cases. Generally, arbitration offers a more streamlined process than the court system resulting in a quicker and more cost-effective method of resolving disputes. 

The American Arbitration Association approved Sandy as a commercial arbitration panel member and she has served as the arbitrator in numerous cases.

As a seasoned trial judge, Sandy gained extensive experience as a decisionmaker in both commercial and consumer disputes, including insurance law, debtor/creditor rights, bankruptcy filings, data breaches, property damage claims, and more.  As an Arbitrator, Sandy will bring that experience and knowledge of specific subject areas to each arbitration proceeding. Her ability to attentively listen to opposing arguments understand the legal issues, and timely issue clear rulings, makes her an effective, fair, and impartial arbitrator.

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Private Judge

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