Mediation is a time-efficient, cost-effective way to resolve disputes out of court by using the parties’ own ideas to craft solutions tailored to their individual needs. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), that can resolve either all or some of the issues in a dispute. 

The parties arrange for a neutral third party, the mediator, to meet with them in a confidential setting. With the mediator’s facilitation, the parties will discuss their options for resolving their dispute. The mediator neither offers a legal opinion nor has the power to impose a solution. It is up to the parties. The mediator will help both parties communicate their concerns, understand the positions of one another, and reach an agreement.

“While brilliant and creative, Sandy remains practical and plain-spoken throughout the mediation. My clients routinely comment on the fact that they feel heard and understood in their discussions with her.”

Richard P.

After nearly 20 years as a trial court judge with acknowledged expertise in bankruptcy, commercial, and family law, Sandy became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and a Member of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) Panel of Mediators. Prior to her appointment to the trial court bench, her practice consisted of commercial litigation and bankruptcy law, including breach of contract matters, partnership dissolutions, shareholder disputes, and joint ventures. Her focus also included work regarding stock options, valuations of closely held businesses, fraudulent transfer of assets or hidden income, disputes over commercial property ownership, and business restructuring.

Recognized for her superior listening skills, honed from many years on the  bench, Sandy has been called an “architect of conflict resolution.” She works tirelessly to understand both the legal position and the perspective of the parties.  Her legal expertise, and her keen insight into conflict resolution, help guide the parties toward an effective, meaningful settlement. 

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